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Welcome to Pest Animal Naples! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Naples, FL. Who are we? Well, we’re a family-run company, and we take pride in the fact that we take a very high standard in everything we do - our customer care, our wildlife control methods, and our attention to detail. For example, did you know that we perform an inspection of your home on arrival that covers 32 different points? That’s because we have commitment to excellent customer care, and we want to make sure that when we get rid of your pest, it definitely doesn’t come back. With experience and insurance / licensing for both residential and commercial properties, we not only go to all the latest seminars within the industry to ensure we’re kept up to date, we also use the most advance wildlife control tools and equipment. All of your staff are friendly and fully-trained, and we man our phones on a 24/7 basis too. Whether it’s 5pm or 5am, we know that animals never sleep (or at least, they don’t when we want them to!) so we don’t either. We have technicians working around the clock, in your area, ready to take your call today. For the record, we also offer great free advice. Give us a call for a “guestimate”, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a written quotation too. Call us now at 239-206-2228 for your Naples wildlife control needs.

About Pest Animal Naples and Our Services:

Property inspections and in-attic inspections.

Humane wildlife trapping and exclusion.

Critter damage repair to your home.

Specializing in wildlife only - no poisons.

Fully Florida licensed and insured.

Naples rat control and rodent removal

Experts in Florida bat removal from buildings.

Raccoon and skunk removal in Naples

We get rid of animals in the attic

Naples dead animal removal inside houses.

Florida Snake control services

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Our Service Range

Our Service Range

We service the counties of Hendry County, Broward County, Miami-Dade County, Monroe County, Lee County and more. We service the towns of Everglades City, Marco Island, Naples, Chokoloskee, Golden Gate, Goodland, Immokalee, Island Walk, Lely, Lely Resort, Naples Manor, Naples Park, Orangetree, Pelican Bay, Pine Ridge, Plantation Island, Verona Walk, Vineyards, Ave Maria, East Naples, North Naples and Ochopee.

Naples Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month

About Snakes
Snakes are one of most well-known animals on the earth. They are a carnivorous form of Naples reptile without legs that moves along the ground through a series of movements back and forth that provide propulsion. These Florida creatures, commonly referred to as serpents, are amazing animals that have been the focus of many stories and movies.

Snakes are found on every continent of the earth except Antarctica. While on every continent, there are some islands throughout the globe where one would not find a Naples snake. The largest island that does not contain these reptiles is Ireland, but there are several other Atlantic and Pacific islands that do not contain snakes. This includes New Zealand. There are over 20 different biological families of snakes, with roughly about 3400 different species. Snakes range in length from just a few centimeters long all the way to more than seven meters in length. Some fossil species have been found to be as long as 13 meters long. Snakes have an incredible sense of smell that they use to track the prey they are pursuing to eat. They smell using the forked tongue that is actually located in their mouths. The tongue has a series of sensors that absorb molecules in the air that tells the Florida snake where potential sources of food are located.

To increase its ability to find these molecules in the air, the Florida snakes tongue is constantly moving. This not only helps it find food, but sources of water as well. The tongue works just as effectively under the water as it does in the air. Snakes do not have a particularly good sense of eyesight, but they can distinguish between night and day, dark and light. They are also able to track the movement of objects, letting them know where a potential source of food or enemy has moved. Some forms of Naples snake, pythons in particular, can actually track the heat of other animals through infrared receptors on the snout.

Snakes also have a great sense of pressure that allows them to feel the smallest amount of movement around them. This sense is even heightened as the snake is moving itself. The skin of a snake is covered by scales. Snakeskin is much different than other Naples animals in that it is specialized depending upon where it is found on the reptile. For example, the belly scales are much more smooth, allowing for better movement. The eyelids are nearly transparent allowing the creature to detect things even when they are closed and the snake is in a state of rest. A Florida snake undergoes a periodic shedding of its skin, known as ecdysis or molting. During this process the entire outer layer of the snake is shed as one piece much in the same way that a person would take off a sock.