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What Kind of Noises do Bats Make when they Live in Your House?

The last thing you want to hear when you are lying in bed trying to sleep is a scratching noise coming from your ceiling or from within your walls. You may be afraid to find out, but you will need to figure out what kind of animal is living in your attic or in your walls. Any number of animals can invade your personal living space, and the noises they make can help you identify them even before you lay eyes on them. Naples bats make their own distinctive noises that will help you to know when these unwelcome visitors are around.

When it comes to making noise, the bats are known to be quiet animals. You may only hear the bats when they live in your walls since they get disturbed by a slamming door or loud noise. The bats make squeaking noises and you may hear them when they crawl, when they scratch at dusk, and when they wake or return to a roost. The Florida bats also can chatter, and this is the clue that they live in your place. The chattering is the sound that the bats may make at dusk before they can fly out so that they can go to feed. The babies can also be vocal when they are hungry or when their mothers return from the night hunting of the insects. The Naples bats can live in colonies of over 600 bats in the home, and they may never make enough noise to let the owners know about it. Bats may leave their guano droppings at the entrance of the roost area each night. The droppings can accumulate wherever the entry points are located where bats enter in your home.

Bats may not be known for making many noises, but the noises they do make are great clues that will help you determine that there is a bat population living within your home. Naples bats make certain subtle noises that you can hear if you are paying close attention, especially at night. The squeaking noises and the chattering they make at dusk can let you know exactly what you are dealing with. Once you identify that you are in fact dealing with Florida bats, you will be able to make a plan of action in order to eradicate them from your home.

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