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How to Keep Away Alligators

If you live in an area where there is a population of Florida alligators, your biggest fear might be that one will find its way onto your property. This is certainly an animal that you do not want to have an encounter with, so you will want to take every measure possible to keep all alligators away. Alligators can pose a major threat to humans and pets, so they should be kept away at all costs. Fortunately, there are some effective measures you can take to keep Naples alligators away if you feel there is a chance that one will invade your property.

Build a fence
You can build a fence around your Naples property. You have to choose the right fencing material so that it is strong enough that they won’t take it down. A sturdy and solid wood or metal fence is a great choice.

Make the yard unattractive
You can also make the yard appear unattractive to Florida alligators. Always cover the pool with something so that it won’t swim there. Also, don’t leave anything they would deem tasty out in the open.

Please don’t approach the alligator on your own
You may feel confident, but it is not okay to approach even the smallest Naples alligator. It can cause great harm to you, especially if you have no power to wrestle it if necessary. It is vital to back away instead of making movements towards the animals. You have to call the authorities when you are dealing with alligators. Call 911 and make sure you don’t get too close. It is a bad idea to put yourself in danger because these animals can be unpredictable at times. Make everything as unattractive as possible for them so they will leave your Florida property quickly.

Alligators can be very scary animals, and one that you certainly would not want to invite on to your property. You can use the advice above to help protect your yard from Florida alligators if you live in an area where an alligator invasion is possible. You will want to take all necessary precautions in order to protect your family and your pets from these fascinating but dangerous creatures. If you have already spotted one or more Naples alligators on your property, it is important to act quickly to prevent them from coming back and to alieve your fears of encountering this animal in your yard.

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