Do Female Raccoons Make Good Mothers?

Most mothers in the animal kingdom take their role very seriously. They nurture and protect their young and often teach them the skills necessary for them to go out on their own when they are ready. Raccoons are an animal that is commonly found around human habitats. You may have even seen one or more wandering into your yard with or without their babies following them. You may be wondering if female Florida raccoons fall into this category of good animal mothers. This article will answer that question and give you further insights into the behavior of a mother Naples raccoon and her babies.

Female Florida raccoons are definitely excellent mothers who keep their babies safe. They take good care of their young, and they can even stay inside the nest to ensure their safety. Female Naples raccoons who give birth to babies have to find additional food supplies to bring back into the nest. Sometimes the young follow their mother’s lead as they embark on a journey to seek food sources.

The young stay with their mom until they are 16 weeks old, and sometimes up to 9 months. A female raccoon will take care of up to eight pups. After the birth, however, not all of them may survive. They will explain how a female Naples raccoon provides a survival guide to their young by making them get used to life in the wild. Most rehabilitators have raised young raccoons, so they know when they should release them into the wild. Mother raccoons usually stay in the family with the babies, but sometimes Florida raccoons have to embark on a journey on their own. They usually go on a solitary journey and then they find a cozy place to hide.

As described in this article, female Florida raccoons are excellent mothers that ensure that their babies are protected and nourished. They help them learn important skills so that they can survive on their own in the wild. If you see a mother raccoon with her babies in your yard, you may witness some of the behaviors described above and you will have no doubt that the raccoon is truly a great mother. If you do happen to come across a mother with baby Naples raccoons, proceed with caution because, as a good mother, she could act aggressively if she perceives that you are a threat to her and her babies.

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